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About Finveo

Having brought a quarter of a century of expertise and the highest standards of quality to their Turkish based Brokerage Services, Finveo is the newly established boutique brokerage firm structured as a subsidiary of Inveo Investment Holding. Inveo Investment Holding, established in 1991, has been providing brokerage services locally and internationally in Equity Market, Repo / Reverse Repo Markets, the Debt Securities Markets, Deposit Certificates Market, Futures and Options Markets and Leveraged FX Trading Access; via its subsidiaries, Gedik Investment Securities aside with Marbaş Securities. Finveo’s purpose with its brand new presence is to expand that expertise and service standard of Gedik as a whole, and directly assist the access of eligible counter-parties to Turkish Exchange Traded Products.

Corporate Structure

Finveo is a wholly owned subsidiary of Inveo Investment Holding (BIST: GYHOL) a leading Investment Holding based in İstanbul Turkey; with a primary focus in financial industry and innovative businesses. For more than quarter a century, Inveo Investment Holding has provided a comprehensive access to financial markets via its subsidiaries, namely, Gedik Investment Securities and Marbaş Securities aside with its particular Venture Capital Starters Hub’s (BIST: HUBVC) direct investments. Since inception, Inveo Investment Holding and its subsidiaries have provided corporate and institutional clients with a wide range of solutions including equities, fixed income and futures brokerage services, asset management and investment banking. Gedik Investment Securities and Marbaş Securities are both regulated by the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB) and a member of Borsa Istanbul Exchange. Finveo is managed independently in the UK under guidance and direction of its Board of Directors.

Why Finveo?


Flexible and focused client service model.


Designed knowledge around the distinct needs of corporate and institutional clients.


Experienced personal brokers with proven market expertise.

Comprehensive Background

Comprehensive background on Turkish Exchange Traded Equities.


Efficient, reliable expert execution with complete transparency.


Non-conflicted and non-proprietary; aligned to your trading objectives.