Gedik International

Message from our chairman

Mr. Erhan Topaç
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Dear Investors,

We consider your investments as our own;

Since our foundation in 1991, we have strived to provide investors interests a sustainable added value by creating a difference. Throughout our quarter century in business, this has been our most important value proposition, and the main asset that has made Gedik brand what it is today.

The key to long-term success in the capital markets is delivering investors sustainable and long-term added value aside with enabling them to be in front lines on such a fast moving technological environment.

Gedik Investment Holding, with its subsidiaries; always and only believed in value generation. Being a flagship of the industry in Turkey for last 25 years, we not only tried to create an added value for our company but also to the Turkish capital markets as a whole, which followed an immense headway and gone under a true transformation.

Gedik is always looking ahead to all around globe; working hard to create a sustainable added value through the diversification of financial product offerings. We were never content with the existing investment instruments in the domestic market, and have always kept a close eye on emerging global trends. We offered innovative products to our investors, which remarkably helped us to grow while creating value for our international investors.

In the service industry, human resources play a vital role. Employing the right people, retaining them, and investing in their development are all critically important factors. Together with our subsidiaries, we are a large family exceeding 500 people today where each member of the Gedik family has played a role in achieving the successful results we have recorded to date.

Gedik Investment and its subsidiaries are responsible for a number of firsts in the Turkish financial markets: Being the first investment company in the industry to obtain ISO 9001:2000 certification; first to place a FIX API order in equity transactions and futures market contracts, and the first investment house to join Borsa Istanbul’s Co-Location Facility.

For us, investor trust is the largest capital asset.

Hence, a major factor in creating sustainable value has always been gaining the trust of investors. To establish this trust, we undertook ambitious investments continuously to provide better services to all investors. We developed the very best financial products to service their needs, in the very best ways possible and made them understandable, and reachable.

We have never compromised our trust-based relationship with our clients which undoubtedly played an immensely important role in making us one of the most prestigious and deeply rooted investment firms operating in the Turkish capital markets today.

Besides the unique importance understanding we place on our investors, another factor that helped us to reach where we are today is our strong corporate values. Those that never led us astray, and have always served to move us forward.

And today, spent effort with a great passion perform for a quarter of a century, with a basis in Turkey, time has arrived to serve our international client base through our UK entity.

Its solid infrastructure and rapidly growing industry standards on a constant basis, made us to take the decision to expand our knowledge and services to the world via a UK entity.

We, as always have been feeling the same great passion for our business; and now will start every day with fresh hopes, as if it is our very first day at work in beautiful London.

Today, we continue to be genuinely excited by every new investor, every innovative transaction, and every unique project. This ongoing excitement is one most important factor that has helped us become such a well-established holding company today. In brief, for a quarter of a century, we have regarded our investors future as our own future.

On this occasion, I would like to extend my gratitude to our investors who have helped make Gedik Investment Holding what it is today; and to our employees and all our other stakeholders for their commitment and ongoing contributions to Gedik.

In the coming periods, we plan to continue doing our utmost to further enhance their trust in us.

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